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Before School Clubs


Our Breakfast Club sessions aim to get your kids activated and ready to stimulate their learning experience.


We send children who are physically and mentally stimulated into the classroom ready to learn.


Your child will be develop skills through sport that are also valuable when applied in the classroom including...

We've got School Sports covered


BRS Coaching Academy offers a fantastic opportunity for the children within your school to benefit from our coaching expertise with our P.E. PPA cover.  Bringing BRS coaches into your school takes away the stress of PE for teachers by providing structured lessons which enable the children to keep active and learn skills whilst enjoying a variety of sports.


We aim to always be professional, reliable and consistent to enable us to deliver a safe environment for children to learn at all times.  Educating children in the FUNdamental movements we look to enhance their Balance, Co-ordination and Agility (BCAs), from here we develop the basic understanding of the sport we’re building them towards.  Breaking the technique down to progress understanding from sending and receiving to teamwork in invasion games, we look to create a wide insight into all the activities we offer.


All of our lesson plans are under constant review by our coaches, this enables us to evolve with our students and structure the learning towards the needs of the class.  By planning our sessions in advance, we’re able to keep children on the move for sustained periods of time, helping to maximise health and fitness of all participants.


BRS believe this is a partnership, so we work closely with all our schools to increase opportunities for children to enjoy their sporting education.  We regularly meet with the heads of our schools to enhance the content of sports throughout the school programme.  As part of our commitment to helping improve the schools we work with, we provide assessments for the children so parents and teachers are able to see the development of the children each term.  This we find is a vital tool for teachers when feeding back to parents/guardians.


Further to our PPA work, we offer School Clubs at a range of activities which include Basketball, Dodgeball, Football, Multi Sports, Netball, Rugby and many others.  These all prove to be extremely popular and help to bring even more FUN to the BRS sporting experience.



Punctuality and organisation

The importance of prior preparation

An understanding of health and active lifestyle

Improved motor skills, such as balance, coordination and dexterity.

The power and affects of positive and negative communication.

Interaction and social development

The ability to set and meet realistic personal goals.

The ability to give and receive constructive criticism and evaluation

The implementation of tactics and planning to solve problems and

achieve group and individual goals.

Lunch Time Clubs


BRS Lunch Clubs add an extra dimension of competition to Lunch and of course more

effective and stimulating physical activity before an afternoon of learning.


Our Lunch time clubs include the famous trademarked BRS Lunch Time Leagues.


Each school gets their very own league run by BRS.


Children can compete against their classmates and friends to see who will be crowned

BRS Lunch Time Leagues Champions and receive the BRS branded Lunch Time League Trophy.


The children also get the chance to participate in the Lunch Time League transfer system, controlled by our

coaches but providing them with a chance to see what its like to be a wheeling dealing

football manager.


The Lunch Time Leagues are ultimate focus is on the core concept of fun and

participation set against a rewarding and engaging system that

stimulates all participants with a memorable experience of

personal and group cohesion and development.


To get involved and experience the unrivaled BRS Lunch Time League

contact us for more information and availability.


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After School Clubs


Our after school clubs give those active bodies and minds one last chance to have some fun at the end of a busy school day.


Our after school programs are fully inclusive multi-sport activity clubs that provide active bodies and minds with one more blast of fun at the end of a busy day. They are also good for those mum and dad's who need to find that extra hour at the end of the working day.


Participating children are able to develop new skills in their favourite sports or to try all together new activities with their

friends or while building new social relationships. We run:


'Sporty Kidz' - Multi sports clubs

'Soccer Skills School' - Football clubs

'Ultimate Dodgeball'

'High 5's' - Netball clubs

'B-Ballerz' - Basketball clubs

Tag rugby

'Active 4 girls' - Girls only sports clubs

'Mini Heroes' -  Sports clubs (for Years reception - Year 2)


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Current Schools


Hillside first school

Verwood first school

Trinity first school

Sixpenny Handley first school

Poulner Junior school

St James first school

Cranbourne middle school

Parley first school

Moyles court

Milldown primary school

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